A view of the Louisiana State Capitol from the sky A view of the Louisiana State Capitol from the sky. Picture taken by local photographer and videographer Erwin Marionneaux.
Capitol steps Capitol steps. The 49 steps leading to the first floor bear the names of the fifty states in order of admission to the Union.
Rapides Parish Fitness Team Reps. Mike Johnson, Ed Larvadain and Lance Harris recognize the 2019 Rapides Parish Fitness Team for becoming repeat champions. This is the team’s fourth consecutive record-setting championship.
U.S. Congressman Steve Scalise U.S. Congressman Steve Scalise addresses the House during his most recent visit to the Louisiana State Capitol.
Rep. Royce Duplessis Little Miss Reese Ava, daughter of Rep. Royce Duplessis of New Orleans stopped by to assist her dad on the House floor.
Convened at Noon, April 8, 2019; Adjourned by 6:00 PM, June 06, 2019


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