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Last updated  05/14/2013

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The Selected Internet Publications Webpage is a listing of publications that are available in full text on the Internet. Main areas of interest are statistics, laws, legislation and state issues.  Many of the publications posted by Louisiana government agencies on INFO Louisiana are listed, but it is not a complete source for this material.   

The webpage is arranged in four sections (links appear at left).  The subject and title sections provide access to the same publications -- the only difference is the method of organization. The reference section gives quick access to a short list of key titles. "New Publications" includes titles that have recently been released on the Internet.

The site is intended for use by a broad spectrum of individuals and a variety of viewpoints are represented. The sites listed are not created, maintained, or endorsed by the Louisiana Legislature; except where the Legislature's authorship is explicitly stated.

The House Internet Publications webpage does not include links to government agencies.   This information can be found at:   

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