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House Committee on Appropriations HB105 Budget Presentations for FY 2020-21
Budget Hearing Schedule   See Past Years
Common Budget Terms
Agency Responses to Committee for Additional Budget Information
Date Agency
March 02, Monday Organizational Session
  HAC Presentation
March 03, Tuesday Executive Department
  Ancillary Appropriations
March 04, Wednesday Lieutenant Governor
  Department of Culture Recreation and Tourism
  Public Service Commission
  Department of Revenue
March 10, Tuesday Department of Veterans Affairs
  Department of Treasury
  Department of State
  Department of Agriculture and Forestry
  Department of Insurance
  Office of the Attorney General
March 11, Wednesday Department of Natural Resources
  Department of Environmental Quality
  Louisiana Workforce Commission
  Department of Wildlife and Fisheries
March 16, Monday Department of Transportation and Development
  Corrections Services
  Public Safety Services
  Youth Services
March 17, Tuesday Louisiana Department of Health
  Department of Children and Family Services
  LSU Health Care Services Division
March 18, Wednesday Higher Education
  Special Schools and Commissions
  Department of Education
March 23, Monday Department of Economic Development
  Department of Civil Service
March 24, Tuesday Follow-Up Day
March 30, Monday Public Testimony
March 31, Tuesday Public Testimony
May 14, Thursday Hospital Money Follows the Patient Presentation
  Hospital Money Follows the Patient LegisBrief
  LDH Response to HCR86

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